Why Should I supplement Roofing Jobs?

The answer is simple.. to make more money!
In many cases, there are items overlooked or omitted by the insurance adjuster in the original claim. This could be anything from incorrect counting of shingles, overlooking pipe jacks and painted roof vents to missing drip edge and code upgrades. These missing items will need to be completed to get the job done correctly. A new estimate will need to be written and submitted to the insurance company for approval.

Why Hire a third party supplementer?

Time, Training & Expertise

As a contractor, you need to fill your days with selling, building and focusing on each job/crew closely to ensure a successful/profitable business. You don’t have the time to sit and review each claim, muddle through documentation and chase down adjusters all day. SO let us do that for you!

Software Training

Most insurance companies use either Xactimate or Symbility processing software to generate their roofing claims. These software programs use a vast amount of coding, terms, pricing and descriptions that take a long term to learn and cost money to learn it. So, let us take care of that for you!


We at CTT Claims are licensed and certified in both Xactimate and Symbility software. Which is a huge plus for you! It doesn’t matter what program your client’s carrier uses, we are trained in both so we will be able to get you the best pricing and bang for your buck!


Through many years of training and experience we are quickly able to see where we can help. As previous roofers, we know what it takes to complete a job successfully. We know that by serving your client to the best standard helps everyone involved. We are very passionate about making sure everyone is compensated for the hard work they have performed. So, let us help you get started!